Dennis "D.C." Sauter

Dennis "D.C." Sauter, General Counsel

Dennis “D.C.” Sauter, Jr. has served as our General Counsel since February 2020. Mr. Sauter has also served as the General Counsel of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. (NYSE: NXRT) since February 2020. Previously, Mr. Sauter was a partner in the real estate section of Wick Phillips Gould & Martin, LLP in Dallas, Texas from January 2014 until joining NexPoint in February 2020, where he specialized in acquisitions, construction, financing, joint ventures and complex leasing for REITs, private developers, and institutional investors. Mr. Sauter’s primary responsibility is to manage all of our legal matters, including corporate governance, real estate transactions, and capital markets transactions. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. He has been a licensed attorney and member of the State Bar of Texas since 2001.